SharePoint Solutions

What Are SDSC SharePoint Solutions?

SDSC IT Services offers hassle-free SharePoint hosting, which provides centralized collaboration platforms for users at UC San Diego, across the entire UC system, and UC affiliates.

The advantages of choosing SDSC as a SharePoint provider include:

  • User focus - users can afford to concentrate on their primary roles while SDSC handles all hardware and SharePoint backend maintenance
  • Free backups - disaster recovery is made easy with automated daily snapshots
  • UC San Diego network - UC San Diego users realize the full potential of UC San Diego network speeds for optimal site access

Key features:

  • Office Web Apps
  • Enterprise Search
  • Microsoft Project Integration
  • Custom Domain Names
  • Site Collection Administration

How Much Does SDSC SharePoint Solutions Cost?

Service Component

Recharge Rate*

SharePoint Site (Includes SharePoint site license, 25 GB DA storage, backup of site storage)

$333.33/ month

Consultation Support (Fee-for-service user support, site support, and site design)


Additional Site Storage (Additional 25 GB increments)

$10/25 GB/ month

*Recharge rates are subject to change with approval from the UC San Diego Recharge Rate Committee. Normal IDC rules apply.

How Do I Get SDSC SharePoint Solutions?

Send a request to the SDSC IT Services team at