IT Consulting

What Is IT Consulting?

The SDSC IT Services team leverages decades of technical experience and a wealth of UC institutional knowledge to provide expert administration and troubleshooting services within a fee-for-service model to UC San Diego, the UC system as a whole, and UC affiliates.

Consulting is most commonly used by research labs and other groups on the UC San Diego campus as a way to maximize research resources by minimizing IT costs. By relying on the SDSC IT team to render services only when necessary, IT consulting users afford top-tier IT support without budgeting for a full time IT resource.

How Much Does IT Consulting Cost?

Consultation Type

Recharge Rate*

Tier I Consulting Services (Desktop/laptop administration, application installation and configuration, troubleshooting, etc.)


Tier II Consulting Services (Server administration, application installation, configuration, troubleshooting, etc.)


Tier III Consulting Services (Storage administration, configuration, troubleshooting, etc.)


*Recharge rates are subject to change with approval from the UC San Diego Recharge Rate Committee. Normal IDC rules apply.

How Do I Get It?

Send a request to the SDSC IT Services team at