SDSC Colocation Facilities

For researchers who choose to purchase their own IT equipment, SDSC offers rack colocation services. Our 19,000-square foot climate-controlled and secure datacenter is fully equipped with 13 Megawatts of power, multi- 10-gigabit network connectivity, and a 24/7 operations staff. The service was designed in partnership with representatives from several UC campuses and the UC Office of the President, and is available to UC researchers through their campus representatives.

Standard colocation includes the following services:

  • Standard rack provided with ISO-Base seismic protection, aisle containment, and 2x30A power distribution.
  • 10+ Gb/s networking fabric connectivity both throughout SDSC aggregation fabric and into CENIC.
  • 24/7 operations staff providing facility oversight and emergency "remote hands" hardware assistance.

Additional services available on a recharge basis:

  • Assistance with system setup, troubleshooting, monitoring, or systems administration functions.
  • Cross-platform backup services, disk, and other storage capabilities.
  • Custom networking configurations to address bandwidth, management, latency, or other requirements.
  • Additional or different power or cooling configurations.

Colocation services at SDSC are designed to be cost-effective, leveraging historical UC investments and economies-of-scale to provide services at significantly lower rates than building/retrofitting a campus datacenter facility.