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Colocation Access for UC Institutions (not UCSD)

SDSC's colocation service was designed in partnership with representatives from several UC campuses and the UC Office of the President, and is available now to UC researchers through their campus representatives. For other UC campuses than UCSD, the standard annual costs for colocation in the UC Regional Datacenter at SDSC consist of the following

  • Base Rackspace Cost : $6,500 per rack/year covers rack, space-related, and shared core networking costs.
  • In-Rack Network Connectivity : Customer purchases SDSC recommended in-rack networking equipment and pays annual vendor maintenance or rents 1Gb/10Gb ports to connect directly to equipment or customer provided networking equipment.
  • Utilities : Utility is billed to each campus separately allowing flexible funding allocations.  The following formula is used to calculate the cost: (metered IT loads) x (power usage effectiveness or PUE) x (current electricity kWh rate).
    SDSC's highly-efficient datacenter operates at a PUE of 1.35, and power costs have averaged $0.08 per kWh over the past year. .

Multiple campuses already host equipment at SDSC, either subsidizing these cost for their end users or passing them along. Users at other UC campuses should contact their central IT organization to coordinate obtaining rack space at the SDSC facility and to understand the cost and service model at their particular campus. If that contact is not know, contact, and SDSC can make an introduction to appropriate home campus personnel.

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