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data storage

File Storage

SDSC provides highly interactive storage and also stores public and private data collections at the center, including sensitive PII and PHI data, secured to meet regulatory requirements. Storage is available on a recharge basis in a number of formats:

  • Cloud Storage: Easy to use Object Based Storage running Openstack Swift with Amazon S3 and Rackspace API support. Multiple client and CLI interfaces are avialable, in addition to the SDSC CloudExplorer web client.
  • Project Storage: High Performance and Availability NFS and SMB/CIFS network filesystem storage.
  • Clustered Lustre, QFS, and SAM-QFS file systems

Applications and interfaces can be hosted atop these storage platforms to provide integration with existing and new services.

Reliability: Store data with up to 99.99% durability in a single site. A third copy of stored data can also be replicated to our partner site, providing additional durability and integrity. Both high-availability and standard-availability storage is available at different price points for Project and Cloud storage.

Please click on the storage type below for more detailed technical and pricing information, including the "Storage Condo" Project and Cloud Storage options.

Storage Type On Demand Cost per Terabyte-Year* Availability Application Performance

Parallel File System

Free while running on an SDSC HPC machine. Medium-term parking space available by special arrangement with Project Storage purchased in an equal quantity.


Up to 100 GB/s

Project Storage

Standard Availability, Single-Site Durability - $600

High Availability, Single-Site Durability - Coming Soon!

Dual-Site Durability (Standard/HA)- Coming Soon!



Up to 1 GB/s

Up to 1 GB/s

Cloud Storage

Single-Site Dual Copy - $390** (Available Now!)

3rd copy durability with Off-site replication - $650 (COMING SOON!!)



Up to 100 MB/s

Up to 100 MB/s

*Note that there are no bandwidth charges for upload/download of data.  Prices listed are for on demand storage. Cost saving "Project Condo" and "Cloud Micro-Condo" model purchase options are available, please click a storage option for more information. 

**On Demand Cloud Storage is billed at a base cost of $3.25/mo for 100GB. Storage beyond 100GB is billed based on usage at the rate of $0.0325/GB/month ($32.50/TB/month).

Backup Solutions

Service Cost Components

CommVault Backups

Front-end cost for data to be backed-up:

Back-end storage cost within archive:

User Managed Cloud Backups
$390 per TB/year (Dual-copy Cloud Storage)
Users may leverage any application supporting Amazon S3 or Rackspace APIs.
No data transfer (in/out) costs.

For more information on SDSC's data storage and backup resources and services, please contact

*Services and listed rates are intended primarily for UC institutions and other academic research partners. Please contact us for other availability and rates.