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Research & Collaboration


Cyberinfrastructure provides a broad and useful spectrum of integrated technologies to support increasingly complex, large-scale and cooperative scientific endeavors. SDSC's cyberinfrastructure activities include the NSF-sponsored XSEDE (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment) and the Cyberinfrastructure Partnership.

SDSC is a service provider for XSEDE, launched during the summer of 2011, and was a major partner in its predecessor, TeraGrid, since its inception in 2002. SDSC is considered a leader data-intensive computing, providing resources, services and expertise to the national research community. SDSC has integrated its activities and resources within the XSEDE cyberinfrastructure to best serve the nation's academic science and engineering research community.

XSEDE is a multi-year effort to build and deploy the world's most advanced, powerful, and robust collection of high-performance computing resources, data services and expertise assembled across, and linked to, some of the nation's most powerful supercomputer centers for the benefit of the nation's academic research community.