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SDSC Researcher Likes Augmented Reality View
NPACI Releases Updated Cluster Software
NSF Announces Cyberinfrastructure Initiative
Fran Berman Appointed to UCSD Endowed Chair
Phil Andrews and Jay Boisseau Elected to NPACI Executive Committee
Primate Resource Online at SDSC
SDSC Announces New IBM Data-Oriented Supercomputer
GEON cyberinfrastructure will help weave the separate strands of the solid Earth sciences disciplines and data into a unified fabric.   
Theorist Chi-Yu Hu
has used the IBM Blue Horizon
supercomputer at the San Diego
Supercomputer Center to calculate
ideal conditions for creating "cold"
Researchers worldwide are embracing commodity Linux clusters running NPACI Rocks software to developenew nano materials,model population dynamics, and predict   urban water supplies.
"Through SEEK, a researcher will be able to use ecological niche modeling, a tool that identifies a crop's preferred habitat, or combination of temperature, rainfall, altitude, and other factors. This gives predictions or 'educated guesses' about which crops will grow best in a given area."               
           Tony Keaveny, a professor of                    mechanical engineering                           and bioengineering at                            UC Berkeley, has                             been using the                          resources of NPACI to                        develop models of human                       bones. The work of                     Keaveny's group will                   eventually help researchers,                  clinicians, and ordinary               physicians prevent and treat a              variety of bone diseases.
Biologist Wendy Hodges is using advanced computer analysis and graphics to reconstruct the  physical features of the common ancestor   of the 13 living species of                      North  American horned lizards.