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SDSC Research

2 NBCR: Macromolecular Pattern Recognition and On-line Access to Molecular Biology Tools

4 PlantsP Focuses Bioinformatics on Plant Genomics

5 Combinatorial Extension Addresses Challenges of Structural Genomics

6 Understanding Biodiversity through Environmental Informatics

8 Putting Government Information at Citizens' Fingertips

10 CAIDA Skitters across the Global Network

11 Active Measures to Maintain a Healthy Network

12 Shedding Light on 3-D Structures of Cells

Back Cover: Cichlid Visualization of the vBNS Network

NPACI Molecular Science

14 Four Atoms and a Supercomputer

15 Computing the Tree of Life


16 Toward Computational Cell Biology

18 The Behavior of Molecules as Electronic Devices

From the Director

1 Infrastructure and Research: Synergies and Time Scales

Education, Outreach, and Training

20 SDSC Summer Interns Gain Valuable Research Experience

22 A Partnership for the Future: Girl Scouts and SDSC

News and Calendar

24 NSF Awards $2.3 Million Grant for High-Performance Wireless Network to UC San Diego-led Collaboration

24 Trans-Pacific Telemicroscopy Demonstrated across End-to-End IPv6 Network

24 SDSC Computer Security Expert Testifies before Congress on FBI Internet Monitoring

24 Caltech's HP X2000 Retired; HP V2500 Enters Production

24 CAIDA Tech Transfer Enhances Internet Monitoring and Management Solutions

25 Heart Cell Simulation Wins Computational Science Olympics

25 NPACI Hosts Third Parallel Computing Institute

25 SDSC Creates Testbed for Evaluation and Training with XML Technology

25 CDC Report Offers Suggestions for Addressing Underrepresentation in Computer Science toc-nano Contents toc-sdsc toc-eot