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Volume 16 Number 1 Jan - Mar 2000

Terascale Horizons:

Terascale Horizon TOC imageExpanding the Horizon for Academic Scientific Computing

It's the End of the Galaxy as We Know It

Predicting Molecular Properties with Dalton

Quantum Chromodynamics with MILC

Written in the Stars:
Interpreting the Universe with PHOENIX

Biological Modeling:

Biological Modeling TOC imagePursuing an End to Sudden Cardiac Death

Determining Why Nature Needs Cholesterol

The Back Cover:
Cholesterol Sulfate in Membrane

Fundamental Physics:

Fundamental Physics TOC imageThe Earth's Real Inside Story:
Modulating the Geodynamo

Nuclear Structure and the First Steps toward Supernovas

Putting Quantum Electrodynamics to the Test

Education, Outreach, and Training:

The Institute on Learning Technology Promotes Best Practices in Teaching

From the Director

Toward New Scientific Horizons with Terascale Computing

News and Calendar

Online: News about the NPACI and SDSC Community

SDSC Researchers and Blue Horizon Transport Viewers to Orion Nebula in Dazzling New Planetarium Show

SDSC Director Sid Karin Appointed to PITAC Panel on Transforming the Practice of Healthcare

National Center for Biotechnology in Madrid Joins NPACI International Affiliates Program

CAIDA's KC Claffy Named One of Top 25 Women of the Internet

SDSC's IRCache Team Announces New Web Cache Bakeoff Results

EOT-PACI Receives $1 Million for Advanced Networking Project with Minority-Serving Institutions

Grid Leaders Convene at 3rd Grid Forum Meeting, Hosted by SDSC and NPACI

SDSC Security Expert Tom Perrine Named Investigator of the Year

SDSC Kicks Off Regular Webcast Schedule