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Volume 15 Number 3 July - Sept 1999

Application Thrust:

MCell Neuromuscular JunctionMaking Headway in Computational Neuroscience

Algorithms and Codes for Refining and Linking Brain Data

Neuron Modeling and Simulation

Technology Thrust:

AMICO Web Site - MichaelangeloA Step Toward Universal Digital Library Services

AMICO: The Art of Managing Art

Heavens on Earth: The Digital Sky

A Recipe for MIXing and Searching Online Information


Electron MovementFirst Principles of Lighter, More Powerful Lithium Batteries

The Microstructure of Bone in Tension and Compressions

From the Inner Ear to the Stars in NPACI's Strategic Applications Collaborations

Education, Outreach, and Training

SpECS: Simulations Help Students Understand "Real-Life" Science

Trace Center: Gracefully Pursuing Universal Access

Preserving Cultural Inheritance Through Computing Technology

The Back Cover: Simulating Heat Transfer

From the Director

The Role of Grid Builders in the World

Editor's Note
Globus Links Environments for Scientific Discovery

News and Calendar

Online: News about the NPACI and SDSC Community

1999 NPACI User Survey Highlights Successes and User Needs for Still Larger Resources

NPACI All-Hands Meeting 2000

Preparations Underway for Arrival of IBM Teraflops System

Ed Center Offers Scientific Workshop to CSU Faculty

RCSB Assumes Full Responsibility for PDB after Successful Nine-Month Transition

Keck Foundation Awards UCSD $1 Million Grant to Establish Two SDSC Satellite Sites

UCSB Digital Library Project Receives $5.4 Million to Develop Tools for Users to Create Own Virtual Libraries

Summer Student Poster Session Sets New SDSC Records