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Volume 15 Number 2 April - June 1999

Application Thrust:

three-block reservoirModeling Sound Waves and Electric Fields to Improve Hearing Aids and Aircraft Antennas

IPARS: A New-Generation Framework for Reservoir Modeling

Technology Thrust:

colliding neutron starsA Worldwide Virtual Computer for an Advancing Legion of Applications

Globus Links Environments for Scientific Discovery

A Ripening Crop of AppLeS

Forecasts from the Network Weather Service

User Research:

The Milky WaySplitting Stars in Binary Systems

PARTREE and SCF: A Strategic Applications Collaboration for the Study of Galaxies

When Galaxy Clusters Collide

The Back Cover:
Protein Folding Landscapes

Education, Outreach, and Training

Forming a CREW of Motivated Women in Computer Science and Engineering

From the Director

The Importance of Science Literacy in a Computing World

News and Calendar

Online: News about the NPACI and SDSC Community

RCSB Rolls out Phase II PDB Query Interface, Announces Accelerated Transition Schedule

SDSC Accomplishments Highlighted at Annual NAVO PET Review

Trans-Pacific Microscopy Enabled by International Advanced Networks

Web Cache Bake-off Results Released at Fourth International Web Caching Workshop at UCSD

NPACI and SDSC Host Workshops on the Future of High-Performance Networking

NPACI Hosts IBM SP Development and Optimization Meeting at SDSC

Science Enrichment Students Celebrate Science at SDSC

NPACI, SDSC Internet2 Demonstrations Enliven Networking Conferences

NLANR Packets Makes Web Debut

SDSC TeleManufacturing Facility Acquires Z402 Fabrication Machine

NPACI Director Joins Advisory Board of IBM Deep Computing Institute