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    Volume 14 Number 3 July - September 1998

    Africa close-upApplication Thrust:

    California Coastline Data and Analysis Accessible on the Web

    Chemistry and Dynamics of Ocean and Air in One Earth System Model

    Earth Systems Models Will Benefit from Remote Sensing Data Archives

    ESS Efforts Support Modeling, Atmospheric Chemistry, and Biodiversity

    Technology Thrust:

    Legion Provides Architecture for Operating System That Spans the Internet

    Globus: Around the World and onto Your Desktop

    AppLeS: Picking the Best Mix of Resources

    A Good Climate for Distributed Computing

    toc-grimshawUser Research:

    More Realistic Simulations Explain Aerodynamics of Experimental Aircraft

    Forecasts for the Weather of the Earth's Oceans

    The Back Cover:
    Real-time Coastal Data Acquisition

    From the Director

    Tomorrow's Scientific Discovery Requires Increased Funding for IT Research

    Education, Outreach, and Training

    Pursuing Critical Mass: The Coalition to Diversify Computing


    Online: News for the NPACI and SDSC Community

    Supercomputer Shows Role of Dynamics When Enzymes Link to Substrates

    NPACI Computer Compares More than 8,000 Protein Structures; Database Already Turning Up Discoveries

    CAIDA Receives DARPA Award to Lead Effort to Measure, Predict, and Engineer Internet Infrastructure

    Japanese and U.S. Scientists Succeed in Trans-Pacific Operation of Ultra High Voltage Electron Microscope

    New AlphaServer Continues SDSC's Partnership with Digital Equipment Corporation

    SDSC Vislab Upgrades with SGI Onyx 2 and Octane Workstations

    Award to Trace Center Will Help Make Technology Universally Accessible

    NPACI Earns High Marks on First User Survey