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    Volume 14 Number 2 April - June 1998

    Application Thrust:

    Bridging Simulation Scales and Scientific Communities to Design Custom Materials

    Wheeler imageWhere Oil and Water Mix: Petroleum Recovery and Pollution Remediation

    Studying the Patterns of Electromagnetic and Acoustic Waves in and around the Human Head

    Technology Thrust:

    toc-adrActive Data Repository Accelerates Access to Large Data Sets

    Running Simulations with the Best Codes on the Best Machines for the Job

    Beyond MPI and HPF: KeLP Benefits Dynamic Structured Applications

    User Research:

    MCellAs the World Churns: Modeling Convection in the Earth's Mantle

    What is Under the East Pacific Rise?

    Nonlinear Models Will Help Reduce Loss of Life and Property from Strong Earthquakes

    The Back Cover:
    Viscosity Field in Earth's Mantle

    From the Director

    NPACI Education Efforts Nurture Tomorrow's Scientific Discovery

    Education, Outreach, and Training

    Expanding the Pipeline for Minorities and Women into the Computational Science Community

    Reconstructing the Center of Civic Life in Ancient Pompeii

    News and Calendar

    Online: News about the NPACI and SDSC Community

    Minster and Altman Take Reins of NPACI Thrust Areas

    PSC, CTC Data Archives Transferred to SDSC over Network and on Tape

    NLANR Group at SDSC Awarded $2.08 Million to Analyze Network Traffic

    DOCT Project Partners with National Archives and Records Administration

    NPACI Installs Sun Enterprise Server 10000 at SDSC

    SDSC Receives Multiprocessor Version of Tera MTA

    NPACI Establishes International Affiliates Program

    Strategic Applications Collaborations Will Enhance Computational Research

    SDSC and Sun Microsystems Team to Teach Java 3D Course at SIGGRAPH 98

    NPACI HotPage Promotes Easy and Efficient Use of Partnership Resources