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NPACI Partners Receive Grants in Intel's Technology for Education 2000 Program

October 1, 1997--Six NPACI partners--UC San Diego, Caltech, UC Berkeley, the University of Michigan, the University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison--were announced as winners in the Intel Technology for Education 2000 Program.

The $85 million program is donating high-speed multimedia computers, workstations, servers, and networking hardware and software to American universities over the next three years to support university research and curriculum development. Awards will benefit a broad spectrum of computationally demanding areas--from the traditional fields of electrical engineering and computer science to such fields as business, medicine, the physical sciences, communications, multimedia, and the arts.

The UC San Diego grant, administered by SDSC, brings together 12 diverse groups that encompass engineering, the arts and humanities, and the natural, environmental, and social sciences. Within UC San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering, specific projects are being enabled in bioengineering and computer and structural engineering.

Grant totals for NPACI partners include: UC San Diego, $2.4 million; Caltech, $2.3million; UC Berkeley, $6 million; Michigan, $6 million; Texas, $6 million; and Wisconsin, $4.8million.

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