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Volume 14 Number 1 January - March 1998
ENVISION Front Cover

Application Thrust:

Greater Computing Power and Collaboration Help Advance Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Analyzing Rare Events and Transition Pathways in Chemical Dynamics

MICE Will Benefit Drug Design, Biological Discovery, and Distance Learning

Technology Thrust:

SDSC's Storage Resource Broker Links NPACI Data-intensive Infrastructure

Data Caches Form the Framework for Distributed Data-handling Testbed

Integrated Digital Libraries Will Change How Research is Conducted

User Research:

Exploring the Mysteries of Planetary Atmospheres

Forecasting the Weather in Space

Jupiter's Winds: Vortex Pancakes versus Taylor Columns

The Back Cover: Convection in Venus' Atmosphere

From the Director

Envisioning the Computational Infrastructure for Tomorrow's Scientific Discovery

Education and Outreach

Harnessing the Web for Educational Impact: The Science Behind the News

Enhancing Undergraduate Curriculum through NPACI's Ed Center


Online: News about the NPACI and SDSC Community

CAIDA Established at SDSC, Granted Licensing Rights for ARTS Code

Resource Management System Running on NPACI Cray and IBM Platforms

Partnership Adds Universities of Tennessee and Southern California

NPACI Holds First All-hands Meeting

New Partnership Resources Support NPACI Participant Research

SDSC Launches BioNOME Resource with $900,000 Procter & Gamble Gift

NPACI Partners Receive Grants in Intel's Technology for Education 2000 Program