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PMaC Students

Current Students

Photo of Cathie

Cathie Olschanowski received her Masters degree from the University of California at San Diego in 2003. She is currently a PhD candidate in Computer Science at UCSD and her research interests include predicting scaling performance and characterizing memory access patterns.

Photo of Jiahua

Jiahua He is a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) pursuing his PhD degree. His research interests include performance measurement, analysis and prediction. He recently won a research grant from Intel and is working on performance analysis of scientific programs by compiler-based idiom recognition. Visit Jiahua's homepage.

Photo of Michael

Michael McCracken is a PhD candidate in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at UCSD. His research interests include HPC productivity measurement and predictive modeling, performance tools, and he has been recently been involved in petascale performance characterization efforts for the WRF weather model. Visit Michael's homepage.

Graduated Students

Photo of Xiaofeng

Xiaofeng Gao's research interests include: binary instrumentation, methods to reduce overheads of profiling and tracing, trace representation, characterization, compression and processing, code generation and scheduling, performance modeling, tuning and prediction. He has finished the PhD program at UCSD and is currently working at Microsoft.

Photo of Omid

Omid Khalili received his BA in Mathematics-Computer Science from UCSD in 2005 and his MS in Computer Science from UCSD in 2007. His interests lie in parallel computing and large scale systems and is currently working at Apple.

Photo of Cynthia

Cynthia Lee earned her PhD in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at UCSD. Her resume includes several summers as an intern with the Parallel Systems group at NASA Ames Research Center and heading up the document classification team at a web search company. Visit Cynthia's homepage.

Photo of Jon

Jon Weinberg earned his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at UCSD. Jon has investigated how performance modeling can be applied to parallel job scheduling and completed his dissertation on Symbiotic Space-Sharing in 2008. Before joining PMaC, Jon worked on SDSC's Storage Resource Broker and prior, as a software architect in industry. He received his B.A. in Computer Science from Colby College in 2001. Visit Jon's homepage.