Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select multiple entities from a list of entities in, for example, a sequence alignment?

This uses the standard Windows feature of <control> and left mouse button. Without <control> clicking on a new entity will deselect the old one. With <control> both will be selected. Clicking on a selected entry in this way will deselect that specific entry.

When I try and create a database with WPDBL I get an error "cannot create B00.bps?"

This seems to be a function of the type of configuration you have on your PC. One option is to boot the PC into safe mode and then run WPDBL. To boot your system into safe mode press the F8 key as the system is booting. A menu of boot options will then be presented, select safe mode. After you have built a WPDB database reboot the computer in the normal way.

Last update 3/15/97