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Phil LabNOTE: The laboratory is in the process of moving from UCSD to the NIH. Our broad goal is to undertake in silico bioinformatics and systems biology related research and education (with emphasis on 3D structure) to improve our understanding of living systems. This understanding covers research into evolution, protein form and function, disease relationships, drug discovery and immunology. Along the way we help develop resources, for example, the RCSB Protein Data Bank (PDB) and the Immune Epitope Database (IEDB), for use by the community. We view these resources as being as important as disseminating our science through the scientific literature and other means. Our recent accomplishments in these areas can be found in our last three year reviews (2006-2008; 2009-2011).

We firmly support open access to the scientific literature through our work with the Public Library of Science (PLOS) and free access to our data and software. Using open access we are also working on novel modes of scientific dissemination. As of August 2013 the lab has acrued over 25,000 citations.

Professional development is also a key part of our activities. For example, the Ten Simple Rules collection of articles in PLOS Computational Biology has acrued over 1 million views.

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