Directions to the Bourne Laboratory and the PDB

(Note we moved in April of 2006)

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University of California, San Diego

Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

9500 Gilman Drive, Mailcode 0743

La Jolla, CA 92093-0743

Contact: Ann Kagehiro 858-822-5413 for a parking permit



Photos courtesy of Wolfgang Bluhm the official lab. photographer.

Directions from I5

From the South (San Diego Airport) Exit Gilman Drive  and head west towards the ocean. Proceed for about 2 miles until you see the university entrance shown in the top photograph. After you have passed the entrance take the first right you will see our building in front of you (bottom photograph). Make the next right to park in the lot shown.

From the North (LA): Exit La Jolla Village Drive. At the light on the off-ramp turn right. Stay right, but go straight through the next light and then bear off to the right. At the top of the hill turn right onto Gilman drive and the entrance to the university shown in the top photograph will be on your right. Take the next right and our building and parking lot will be in front of you (bottom photograph). Take the next right and part in the lot. The entrance to the building is immediately in front of you as you ascend the stairs from the car park. Enter the foyer and take the elevator to the second floor. Our administrative office is 2115 to the left as you exit the elevator.

-         Students and post docs are in 2111.

-         Phil Bourne is located in room 2224 behind the elevator

-         The laboratory conference room is 2109

-         The PDB is on the third floor and directly above in room 3115