Selected Invited Talks

Last Update April 2009

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  • Some Thoughts on Open Science Ben Franklin Award Lecture BioIT World Boston April 2009 [Powerpoint]
  • Changes in Scholarly Communication and the Potential Impact on Biocuration 3rd International Biocurators Conference Berlin April 2009 [Powerpoint]
  • Nothing in Biology {Including Drug Discovery} Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution Purdue & UI April 2009 [Powerpoint]
  • I am Not a Scientist I am a Number Allen Press, National Press Club Washington DC April 2009 [Powerpoint] [Meeting Details]
  • Finding Ligand Binding Sites on a Protein-wide scale and its implications HUPO San Diego February 2009 [Powerpoint]
  • Open Science One Persons View and What we are Doing About It Keynote Lecture PSB January 2009 Hawaii [Powerpoint]
  • Machine Learning in the New World of Scholarly Communication Keynote Lecture The Seventh International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications La Jolla December 2008 [Powerpoint]
  • Open Access Day Webcast from UCSD October, 2008 [Powerpoint]
  • BioPathways Keynote Toronto ISMB July 2008 [Powerpoint]
  • 3Dsig Keynote Toronto ISMB July 2008 [Powerpoint]
  • Bioontologies Keynote Toronto ISMB July 2008 [Powerpoint]
  • Automated Functional Prediction Toronto ISMB July 2008 [Powerpoint]
  • Professional Development Tutorial Toronto ISMB July 2008 [Powerpoint]
  • Evolutionary Insights from Protein Structure Dalhousie University December 2007 [Powerpoint]
  • Thinking Outside the Box: Applications Including Finding Off-targets for Major Pharmaceuticals Winter School in Mathematical and Computational Biology Plenary Lecture Brisbane Australia June 2007 [Powerpoint]
  • Thoughts on the Future of Scientific Dissemination eResearch Australasia Keynote Lecture Brisbane Australia June 2007 [HTML]
  • The RCSB Protein Data Bank: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks Swiss-Prot 20th Anniversary Fortaleza, Brazil, July-Aug, 2006. [Powerpoint]
  • Machine Learning as Applied to Structural Bioinformatics: Results and Challenges DIMACS Workshop on Machine Learning Techniques in Bioinformatics July 2006 [Powerpoint]
  • The Future of Structure Genomics Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing,  Jan. 8, 2004 [Powerpoint]
  • Keynote: The Future of Bioinformatics The 2nd Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Conference (APBC'04), Jan. 19, 2004 [Powerpoint]
  • The Future of Bioinformatics World University Network Broadcast Feb. 25, 2004 [Powerpoint]
  • The Future of Bioinformatics Michael Conrad Memorial Lecture Wayne State University April 13, 2004 [Powerpoint] [video]
  • Biological Databases ISMB 2004 Introductory Session, Glasgow August 4, 2004 [Powerpoint]
  • A Royal Wedding The Marriage between PLoS and the International Society for Computational Biology Emerging Trends Seminar, Allen Press Washington DC April 13, 2005 [Powerpoint]
  • How to Write a Scientific Paper ISMB 2005 On Behalf of the Student Council, Detroit, June 28, 2005 [Powerpoint]