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Last Update May 2009

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Compare3D Download

Compare3D is used to analyze the structure alignment of two or more polypeptide chains. The alignment is provided by the user, and is thus designed as a visual front end to another program. It can be seen in operation from CE a resource that permits you to review and calculate structure alignments.

 QuickPDB Download

QuickPDB permits you to find and quickly review a macromolecular structure looking at interactions between sequence and structure. Typically, once you have located structure(s) of interest you would download then for further analysis using local programs. QuickPDB is also available from the View Structure section of the Structure Explorer page for any entry in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). A guide to locating entries in the PDB is available here.


PDBlib More Details | Download

PDBlib is a C++ class library for representing a protein structure at the level of detail parsable from a PDB file. 


The Molecular Biology Toolkit Details & Download

MBT is a Java/Java3D toolkit for building applications that display biological data, notably sequence and structure. Includes sample applications.


SMAP Details & Download

Functional site finding and analysis

Combinatorial Extension Details & Download

Comparison of 2 3-dimensional protein structures.