List of Tables

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Table 0-1 Conventions
Table 0-2 Major UNIX Variants Discussed in This Book

Table 2-1The History of the Internet
Table 2-2 Sources of Internet Statistics
Table 2-3 Understanding Domain Name Services
Table 2-4 Types of Internet Address
Table 2-5 Examples of Mail User Agents (MUAs)

Table 3-1 Enhanced ftp Servers
Table 3-2 Mail Information Servers
Table 3-3 Popular Listservers
Table 3-4 Popular Web Servers
Table 3-5 Common Information Types
Table 3-6 Compression Ratios for compress and gzip Given Various File Types
Table 3-7 Common Sound Formats
Table 3-8 Popular Web browsers
Table 3-9 VRML Browsers
Table 3-10 Common Graphics Viewers, Editors and Players
Table 3-11 Reviews of Graphics Viewers, Editors, and Players
Table 3-12 Lists of HTML-based Filters
Table 3-13 Common Text and Graphics Filters
Table 3-14 Lists of HTML Editors
Table 3-15 Common HTML Editors
Table 3-16 Common Search Tools

Table 4-1 Lists of Internet Service Providers
Table 4-2 Types and Characteristics of Internet Connections
Table 4-3 Further Reading on Internet Connectivity
Table 4-4 Where to Register for IP Addresses
Table 4-5 Further Reading on IP Addressing
Table 4-6 Further Reading on the PPP and SLIP Protocols
Table 4-7 Further Reading on Internet Connectivity
Table 4-8 Further Reading on UNIX Security

Table 5-1 Further Reading on MIME Types
Table 5-2 Common File Extensions

Table 6-1 Common ftp Commands
Table 6-2 Archie Software Snapshot
Table 6-3 Lynx Software Snapshot
Table 6-4 Mosaic Software Snapshot
Table 6-5 Further Reading on the make Utility
Table 6-6 Netscape Navigator Software Snapshot
Table 6-7 HotJava Software Snapshot
Table 6-8 VRML Browsers Software Snapshot
Table 6-9 Ghostview Software Snapshot
Table 6-10 xv Software Snapshot
Table 6-11 mpeg_play Software Snapshot

Table 7-1 File Permissions for Anonymous ftp
Table 7-2 wu-ftp Software Snapshot
Table 7-3 Majordomo Software Snapshot
Table 7-4 NCSA httpd Software Snapshot
Table 7-5 wn Software Snapshot
Table 7-6 Harvest Software Snapshot

Table 8-1 Background Information on Hypertext
Table 8-2 Sources of Information on HTML
Table 8-3 Special Character Listings
Table 8-4 Information on Transparent Background Images
Table 8-5 Hexidecimal RGB Color Specifications
Table 8-6 Sources of Background Images
Table 8-7 Text-based Attributes of the HTML <BODY> Tag
Table 8-8 Sources of Clip Art and Other Images
Table 8-9 Sources of HTML Source Guides
Table 8-10 Sources of Web Page Templates
Table 8-11 Lists of HTML Editors
Table 8-12 Further Reading on Getting Your Web Pages Known

Table 9-1 Sources of Information on HTML Tables
Table 9-2 Online Tutorials for Writing HTML Tables
Table 9-3 Examples of Using HTML Frames
Table 9-4 Online Tutorials for Using HTML Frames
Table 9-5 Server Side Commands for the NCSA httpd Web Server
Table 9-6 Variables Associated with the ECHO Command
Table 9-7 Variables Associated with the CONFIG Command
Table 9-8 Tutorials for Using Server Side Includes
Table 9-9 Good Examples of Using Clickable Maps
Table 9-10 Tutorials on Server Side Clickable Maps
Table 9-11 Mapedit Software Snapshot
Table 9-12 Tutorials on Client Side Clickable Maps

Table 10-1 Tutorials for Writing Web Forms
Table 10-2 Tutorials on CGI Programming
Table 10-3 Information on Perl
Table 10-4 Perl Routines for Use in CGI Programming
Table 10-5 An Example of Overcoming the Stateless Web Interaction

Table 11-1 Sources of Additional Information on Java
Table 11-2 Java Libraries
Table 11-3 Comparison of Java and JavaScript
Table 11-4 Sources of Additional Information on JavaScript

Table 12-1 FTPWebLog Software Snapshot
Table 12-2 Programs for Summarizing Web Server Log Files
Table 12-3 WWWstat Software Snapshot