[Cookbook Cover] A Cookbook for Serving the Internet: UNIX Version

Coming February, 1997 from Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
Copyright 1997, 336 pp.
ISBN 0-13-519992-1


This book is a useful guide to those wishing to establish an information server on a UNIX platform, but do not necessarily wish it to be their lifes work. It covers ftp, mail (or list) servers, Web servers, and ancillary tools. The emphasis is on presenting the information in a succinct and organized manner. The format is like that of a cookbook - you take a set of ingredients (in this case free software from the Internet) you follow several simple steps and there you have it a working server. No fuss no mess.

A feature of this book is the many pointers to where to get current information on developing and maintaining an Internet information server. That current list will be available from this home page at the time of publication.

A PC (Windows95, WindowsNT) Cookbook will also be available in 1997.

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