Example 2

<HTML> <HEAD> <!-- A template for Web page navigation This is the Top Level Page --> <TITLE>Title Goes Here </TITLE> </HEAD> <!-- This introduces a background image. --> <BODY BACKGROUND="./images/bg.gif"> <CENTER> <H1>Top Level</H1> <!-- Use a horizontal blue line as separator --> <IMG ALIGN="MIDDLE" SRC="images/hrblue.gif"> <P> <!-- Here is the navigation which appears at the top of each page. On the databases page the URL for the database page would be replaced with a URL pointing back to the top level, and so on for the other pages. --> <A HREF="./Databases.html"> Databases</A> | <A HREF="./Software.html"> Software</A> | <A HREF="./Research.html"> Research</A> | <A HREF="./People.html"> People</A> | <A HREF="./Pubs.html"> Publications</A> | <A HREF="./Grants.html"> Grants</A> | <A HREF="./Comments.html"> Comments</A> | <A HREF="./Help.html"> Help</A> <BR> <A HREF="./Search.html"> Text Search</A> | <A HREF="http://www.sdsc.edu/"> SDSC Home Page</A> <BR> <IMG ALIGN="MIDDLE" SRC="images/hrblue.gif"> </CENTER> <H2>Synopsis</H2> A summary of the page contents goes here. <H2>Content</H2> The content of the page goes here. </BODY> </HTML>