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<HTML> <HEAD> <!-- This page is used as a sample page in the book, A Cookbook for Serving the Internet published by Prentice Hall --> <TITLE> Phil Bourne's Personal Page </TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <!-- The ALT attribute displays the text specified in a text only browser, or when images are turned off. -- > <H1><IMG ALIGN="MIDDLE" ALT="[Phils Face]" SRC="./images/photo.gif">Phil Bourne</H1> <HR> <! -- "HR" is a horizontal rule -- > <H2>Synopsis</H2> Hi, I am a computational biologist at the <A HREF="http://www.sdsc.edu/">San Diego Supercomputer Center</A>. My professional interests revolve out of making the most of biological data. This implies data representation, databases, query languages and the Web as a research tool. When not thinking about this I am playing squash, walking, driving fast or writing on computing trends. <H2>For More Information</H2> <UL> <LI><A HREF="#contact_info">Contact Information</A> <LI><A HREF="#res_projects">Research Projects</A> <LI><A HREF="#other_projects">Other Projects</A> <LI><A HREF="#papers">Recent Publications</A> <!-- Second level nesting of lists -- > <UL> <LI><A HREF="#journal_papers">Scientific Journal Papers (1994-)</A> <LI><A HREF="#comp_papers">Magazine Articles (1994-)</A> </UL> <LI><A HREF="#grants">Current Grants</A> <LI><A HREF="#committees">Current Committees </A> <LI><A HREF="#collabs">Current Collaborators</A> <LI><A HREF="#education">Education</A> <LI><A HREF="#profession">Work History</A> </UL> <!-- First level 3 header -- > <A NAME="contact_info"><H3>Contact Information</H3></A> Philip E. Bourne <BR> San Diego Supercomputer Center <BR> PO Box 85608 <BR> San Diego CA 92186-9784 <BR> <P> Voice: (619) 534-8301 <BR> Fax: (619) 534-5117 <BR> <!-- See the NOTE below -- > <A HREF = "MAILTO:bourne@sdsc.edu">bourne@sdsc.edu</A> <BR> <HR> <A NAME="res_projects"><H3>Research Projects</H3></A> ... <HR> <A NAME="other_projects"><H3>Other Projects</H3></A> I am currently involved in one none research related project: <H4><A HREF = "http://www.sdsc.edu/Projects/pb/Cookbook/Cookbook.html"> A Cookbook for Serving the Internet</A></H4> ... <HR> <A NAME="papers"><H3>Recent Publications</H3></A> ... <HR> <A NAME="journal_papers"><H4>Scientific Journal Papers (1994-)</H4></A> ... <HR> <A NAME="comp_papers"><H4>Magazine Articles (1994) </H4></A> ... <HR> <A NAME="grants"><H3>Current Grants</H3></A> ... <HR> <A NAME="committees"><H3>Current Committees</H3> </A> ... <HR> <A NAME="collabs"><H3>Current Collaborators</H3></A> ... <HR> <A NAME="education"><H3>Education</H3></A> ... <HR> <A NAME="profession"><H3>Professional Background </H3></A> </PRE> <HR> </BODY> </HTML>