The feast is over and you should be full. The nature of the human condition is such that tomorrow you will be back at the table wanting another helping. A good cookbook should still have something delicious to offer.

The large, yet select, group of URLs provided in this book resulted from an extended period of Internet surfing. This surfing has left me with two lingering feelings.

The first feeling is sheer awe at the ever-increasing amount of information that is available. The Internet has already become a great reference source for the average family. What is currently lacking is a fast, cheap, and convenient delivery mechanism akin to television. This will come through cable TV modems, blanket satellite coverage, frame relay, or by some other yet unimaginable medium. At that time we will see a quantum jump in usage, and correspondingly, a quantum jump in the amount of information available to the average family at home. Where the Internet differs from television is that anyone is able to broadcast. I can't wait to have such things as my son's little league game schedule and price comparisons from the local supermarkets at my fingertips.

The second feeling is that the Internet is becoming more commercial in orientation. Many more companies are advertising on the Internet and making product literature available. As long as this remains information on demand, I personally welcome these changes.

If these trends continue, it is not hard to image that future generations will have a large part of human collective knowledge at their fingertips.

It is my hope that, in a small way, this book and the associated Web site will help you become an information provider and continue to be a useful reference source for some time.

We have so much to offer each other, and with the Internet, there is less excuse than ever before for not giving of ourselves.