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Jul 24, 2014IPP Webinar: Ubiquitous Sharing of Results Via the SeedMe Platform
11:00 - Noon PST / 2:00 – 3:00 PM EST The SeedMe platform provides a web-based cyberinfrastructure to enable easy sharing and streaming of transient data and preliminary results directly from computing resources to a variety of platforms, from mobile devices to workstations, and make it possible to quickly and conveniently view and assess results and provide an essential yet missing component in computing infrastructure.
Aug 4, 2014-Aug 8, 2014SDSC Summer Institite 2014: HPC Meets Big Data
SDSC Auditorium
SDSC Summer Institute will deploy a flexible format of plenary sessions designed to cover the skills essential to those working with big data.  Also a series of parellel sessions to allow students to dive deeper into specialized areas used in their research.  
Aug 14, 2014-Aug 15, 20148th Extreme Scaling Workship 2014
University of Colorado, Boulder
The Extreme Scaling Workshop 2014 will showcase the discoveries, innovations, and achievements of those who use, build, and/or support advanced architectures at extreme scales around the world.
Sep 17, 2014-Sep 18, 2014PACE Data Mining Boot Camp 1
SDSC Auditorium
This hands-on course emphasizes key learning techniques: classification, regression, association rules, and clustering. PACE instructors will help participants hone their new skills to conquer technical obstacles to achieve their objectives.   
Oct 15, 2014-Oct 16, 2014PACE Data Mining Boot Camp 2
SDSC Auditorium
The PACE Boot Camp 2 is designed to provide individuals in business enterprises and scientific communities with improved tactics critical to design, build, verify, and test advanced predictive data models.
Nov 16, 2014-Nov 21, 2014SC14
New Orleans, LA
SC14 brings together the most respected minds in high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis to debut the research and innovation that will open the door to new scientific and economic opportunities.
Nov 16, 2014-Nov 21, 2014SC14 Student Cluster Competition
New Orleans
Students interested in demonstrating their high-performance computing skills on a global stage are invited to form teams and sign up to compete in the eighth annual Student Cluster Competition at the SC14 conference to be held Nov. 16-21, 2014, in New Orleans.  Application deadline is Friday, April 11.