Industry Partners Program

IPP: Industry’s “Gateway” to SDSC

The IPP provides member companies with a framework for interacting with SDSC researchers and staff, exchanging information, receiving education & training, and developing collaborations.  Joining IPP is an ideal way for companies to get started collaborating with SDSC researchers and to stay abreast of new developments and opportunities on an ongoing basis. The expertise of SDSC researchers spans many domains including computer science, cybersecurity, data management, data mining & analytics, engineering, geosciences, health IT, high performance computing, life sciences & genomics, networking, physics, and many others. 

The IPP provides multiple avenues for consultation, networking, training, and developing deeper collaborations.  The IPP is an annual fee-based program that provides member companies with a variety of mechanisms for interacting and collaborating with SDSC researchers. The IPP serves an important function in maintaining SDSC’s ties to industry and the high-technology economy.  Membership fees fund a variety of preplanned and ad hoc activities designed to encourage the exchange of new ideas and “seed” deeper collaborations. 

SDSC: A Long History of Applied R&D

From its founding in 1985 by a private company, General Atomics, through to its present affiliation with UCSD, SDSC has a long history of collaborating with and delivering value to industry.  SDSC has a strong culture of conducting applied R&D, leveraging science and technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions to real-world problems.  From its roots in High Performance Computing to its present emphases in “Big Data” and Predictive Analytics, SDSC has much to offer industry partners in terms of knowledge and experience that is relevant to their world and impactful to their business.

IPP Membership Features and Benefits

Member companies can work within the IPP to engage with SDSC in a way that best suits their needs.  Some examples are highlighted below.

Annual Research Review
SDSC conducts an annual research review exclusively for IPP member companies.  The research review provides a forum for SDSC to highlight current and forthcoming research projects and results.  Topics are drawn from across the Center and cover a wide range of domains and interests.  These events also offer networking opportunities with SDSC researchers and affiliates.  The review is a full day and is normally held in the month of May.

Quarterly Focused Workshops and Training
SDSC conducts three quarterly workshops and training activities exclusively for member compa-nies.  The workshops cover topics of interest to industry such as “Big Data,” predictive analytics, cloud computing, bioinformatics, computational science for engineering, and others.  Like the An-nual Research Review, these events offer networking opportunities with SDSC researchers as well as affiliates.  Sessions are conducted both on-site and via webcast.  Webcasts can be retrieved on-demand by member companies.  These events are generally held in February, August and October.

Private Meetings with Researchers and Staff
SDSC invites all IPP members to meet with re-search experts.  We will work to identify the area of interest and researcher(s) to support members’ business needs.  These meetings can be tailored as one-on-one, a small group, or as a brainstorming session with the entire team. 

Private Workshops and Conferences
SDSC will help IPP participants organize a private workshop or conference for the member compa-ny’s executives or senior staff and SDSC research-ers.  This format is designed to promote deeper exploration of topics such as emerging technology impacts on business strategy, or in-depth planning of potential research collaborations.  SDSC also has conference facilities which can be reserved by member companies. 

Visits by SDSC Researchers to Member On-Site Company Sessions
SDSC can arrange visits to member companies by individual researchers or groups.  On-site visits can range from an hour or two to a full-day sessions, and may include presentations as well as discus-sions and consultations.  International or extensive travel requirements may be contingent on available program funding.

Collaboration with SDSC Researchers and Campus-wide Services
For member companies that wish to engage more deeply with SDSC through research, consulting, or use of SDSC’s computing and storage infrastruc-ture, the IPP liaison serves as a point of coordina-tion for discussions, development of proposals, and exploration of funding options and service agreements.  In addition, the IPP can facilitate en-gagement with other UC San Diego administrative groups as needed, including Business Contracts, Office of Contracts and Grants, and the Technology Transfer Office.

Continuing and Executive Education Opportunities
SDSC’s continuing and executive education pro-grams such as the “Data Mining Boot Camp” series, executive seminars on Cloud Computing and Big Data, and technical workshops or seminars can be made available to members.  The IPP can also work with member companies to develop on-site training and education tailored to a member’s needs.  Discounts for fee-based education and training are available to IPP member companies.

Industry Visitors
Members may place a visiting researcher at SDSC for active involvement under a specific area of research.  SDSC values visiting researchers and expects the visitor to be deeply engaged in the research.  While not specifically designed to provide basic education and training, visiting researchers will be provided office space and access to university facilities.  Typically, this arrangement extends up to 12 months.

IPP Membership Fees

IPP membership is obtained for a flat annual fee provided as a tax-deductible, unrestricted gift. 

For inquiries or further information, please contact the Industrial Partners Progam at

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