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PetaScale Computation for the Geosciences Workshop
April 4-5, 2006




The SCEC Pathway from Terascale to Petascale Computation in Earthquake System Science

Thomas Jordan

    Currently Not Available
Global Ocean Prediction with HYCOM

Alan J. Wallcraft

Scaling the High Order Method Modeling Environment (HOMME) on Blue Gene/L

Richard D. Loft

Scaling of the Community Atmospheric Model to Ultra-high Resolution

Michael F. Wehner

High Performance Computing and the Space Weather Modeling Framework

Darren De Zeeuw
(University of Michigan)

Challenges and Opportunities in Modeling Mantle Convection

Shijie Zhong
(University of Colorado)

An Overview of Performance Modeling Techniques in Support of Petascale Computing

Laura Carrington/Allan Snavely

Performance and Productivity Opportunities Using Global Address Space Programming Models

Kathy Yelick
(LBNL,UC Berkley)

Topics in Performance and Performance Engineering in Climate Modeling

Patrick H. Worley

Building Coupled Parallel and Distributed Scientific Simulations

Alan Sussman

Improving Time to Solution with Automated Performance Analysis

Shirley Moore

Parallel Performance of a Non-hydrostatic, Unstructured-grid Coastal Ocean Model

Oliver Fringer
(Stanford University)

Resolving Clouds in Atmospheric Models

Bill Skamarock

Progress and Issues in Developing a Comprehensive Model of Geospace

John Lyon

    Currently Not Available
Applying Automated Memory Analysis to Improve the Iterative Solver in the Parallel Ocean Model

John M. Dennis

Improved Scalability of the Finite-Volume Dynamical Core:
The Cubed-Sphere and 2-Dimensional (XY) Domain Decomposition

William M. Putman

Petascale Earthquake Inversion: Opportunities and Challenges

Omar Ghattas

    Currently Not Available
Toward Petascale Computational Seismology

Jeroen Tromp

Integration Factor Splitting for the Euler Equations

Steve Thomas

Climate Modeling at GFDL: Challenges for the Next Cycle

Venkatramani Balaji
(Princeton University)

MHD Modeling of the Solar Corona: Progress and Supercomputing Challenges

John Linker

CFD & High-Order Methods

Kraig Winters