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Multimedia Gallery - Visualization

Virus in Three Dimensions

To help scientists understand how the Penicillium stoloniferum virus interacts with its hosts, replicates, and matures over its life cycle, the virus structure was solved at the very high resolution of 7.3 Angstroms in NSF-supported research. Running the automated AUTO3DEM software on an SDSC supercomputer, the full 3-D virus was reconstructed, starting with 2-D cryo-electron microscopy images. The software was developed by UC San Diego structural biologists Tim Baker and Xiaodong Yan with SDSC computational scientist Robert Sinkovits.
Credit: W.F. Ochoa, R.S. Sinkovits, T.S. Baker, UCSD; W.M. Havens, S.A. Ghabrial, U. Kentucky; M.A. Nibert, Harvard. Image: W.F. Ochoa, UCSD
Source: San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego

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