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Multimedia Gallery - Visualization

Spheres of Influence Within the Internet

The Domain Name Service (DNS) is a fundamental component of today's Internet, mapping domain names used by people to their corresponding IP addresses. The data for this mapping is stored in a tree-structured distributed database, and the root nameservers play a vital role in providing authoritative information to other nameservers around the world. Several of these root nameservers mirror their data using 'anycast' - an addressing technique that allows DNS queries to be routed to the closest mirror node. This visualization of influence shows the geographic distribution of DNS clients, or users, for four root nameservers. Nodes on each map are the individual anycast nodes of a given root server, and the wedges fanning out from each node indicate the direction, distance, and number of clients sending queries to that node.
Image: B. Huffaker, kc claffy, CAIDA
Source: San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego

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