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Tracking the Elusive Neutrino

Astrophysicists Steven Barwick and Andrea Silvestri of UC Irvine constructed this sky map based on 15 terabytes of data from the novel NSF-supported AMANDA neutrino telescope, located at the South Pole. The analysis of the massive data set stored at SDSC required TeraGrid supercomputer resources at SDSC and elsewhere to tease out 1,112 atmospheric neutrino candidates from some two billion background events. In new findings, the locally produced atmospheric neutrino background detected to date is quite uniform, without indication of any localized sources. The significance of the observed neutrinos is plotted in right ascension and declination. Scale shows excess/deficit from mean background events.
Image: A. Silvestri, AMANDA, UCI.
Source: San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego

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