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Climatic Domains in NEON

Each of the 20 domains (outlined in blue) in the National Ecological
Observatory Network (NEON) has a similar climate, identified using a statistical clustering method run at ORNL based on nine ecologically relevant climatic variables, including temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, and plant-available soil moisture, at 1sq km resolution. Colors show the similarity of climatic conditions across different zones. This objective, data-driven design will enable NEON to answer transformational ecological questions at integrated regional and national scales over decades. SDSC is developing cyberinfrastructure for the NEON observatory.

Credit: W.W. Hargrove and F.M. Hoffman, ORNL; B. Hayden, UVa; D. Urban, Duke; J. MacMahon, USU; and J. Franklin, U. Wa.
Source: San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego

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