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Multimedia Gallery - Visualization

Digital Dandelion

What looks like a dandelion is actually a map of the Internet generated by new algorithms from computer scientists at UC San Diego and SDSC's Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis. The map features Internet nodes (red dots) and linkages (yellow lines). But it is no ordinary map. It is a (mostly) randomly generated graph that retains the essential characteristics of a specific corner of the Internet but doubles the number of nodes. Generating such graphs is critical for a wide range of computer science research. The research was supported by the NSF and UCSD's Center for Networked Systems.
Credit: P. Mahadevan, C. Hubble, and A. Vahdat, UCSD; B. Huffaker and D. Krioukov, CAIDA/SDSC.
Source: San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego

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