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Simulating the Human Arterial Tree

Cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in the Western world, develops preferentially in arterial branches. To probe possible connections to arterial blood flow, researchers in the group of George Karniadakis at Brown University have conducted the largest-ever biomechanics simulations of blood flow in the human arterial tree. The NSF-supported grid computations-too large for any single supercomputer-ran at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UC San Diego and three other TeraGrid sites across the nation (NCSA, PSC, TACC) and one UK site, and included real-time visualizations.
Image courtesy of S. Dong, L. Grinberg, Brown University; A. Yakhot, Ben Gurion University; N. Karonis, ANL, S. Sherwin, Imperial College.
Source: San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego

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