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NOJOURNAL is used to suppress the writing to the Journal file of reference information for kept hits.

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure

This option allows you to suppress the writing of information for kept hits to the JOURNAL file.

Under "normal" circumstances when a hit is kept, the reference information is added, in print mode 8, to the QUEST instructions already in the JOURNAL file, thereby creating a permanent record of the session. This file may be used to re-run a session later, if necessary.

If, on the other hand, NOJOURNAL is selected then the reference information for kept hits is not written to the JOURNAL file. At the end of the search if we displayed its contents, the JOURNAL file might contain, for example:

Basic QUEST Procedure


STOP  10
T1  *BCLA  .EQ.  12

The above instructions allow you to inspect the first 10 entries having basic class 12, without writing the reference information to the Journal file.

Note, however, that the QUEST instructions are still written to the Journal file.

If you are saving a large ASER subset for future use then you might wish to set NOJOURNAL to conserve disk space.

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