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CONCATENATE is used to change the concatenation character.

This control command is available only in Basic QUEST and not in Graphics QUEST3D.


No single line in the instruction document may be more than 80 characters long.

To enable the construction of very long instructions, lines may be joined together using the special concatenation character !

Any line containing this character will be joined to the next line of the instruction document.

Characters following the concatenation character and on the same line as that character are ignored.

A maximum of three concatenation lines are allowed and thus no single instruction may be more than 320 characters long.

The last line of the instruction document must not contain the concatenation character.

As indicated above, the CONCATENATE command is used to change the default concatenation character from ! to another character.

This can be useful if, for example, the text to be searched already contains the ! character, as is the case in the nomenclature of bridged-ring systems (see *COMPOUND, *SYNONYM, *NAME, *XNAME).


T1  *NAME  9-(p-Nitrophenoxycarbonyl)-tetracyclo($3,6!.0$2,7!)%

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