Volume 2 Chapter 9 Screen Sub-menu NOSCREENS

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SCREEN is used to assign bit screens, either for a search based on screens alone or to be `combined' with defined tests to constitute the search question.


SCREEN n1 n2 n3 ....

The bit screens n1, n2, n3 etc. are automatically linked by the .AND. logical operator, ie. all must be satisfied for a hit to be registered.


Normally you will only assign bit screen numbers in the range 1-155 (see Appendix 1). Assignment of connectivity bit screens can be dangerous and should be done only by experienced users. 585, 586, 620 can only be set by SCREEN.

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure


Hits will be registered for: In this example the bit screen 48 was typed accidentally but it was cancelled by typing -48 before pressing the RETURN key.

At any time before you initiate the search process you can select SCREEN from the SCREEN sub-menu and cancel an earlier specification:

Note also that you can cancel all bit screen specifications by specifying 0.

When the SCREEN sub-menu is displayed you should ignore the prompt suggesting the use of HELP to decide what screens you require. Instead consult Appendix 1 and then select either SCREEN or *BTEST.

Basic QUEST Procedure


SCRE  48  49  -34  -48

Hits will be registered for:

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