Volume 2 Chapter 7 Numeric Sub-menu *MSDBIB

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*NBSIDNUMBER is used to test for the National Bureau of Standards Identification Number.

CSD Contents

For many years the CCDC has provided the organic and metal-organic input to the Crystal Data Database which is compiled at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (formerly the National Bureau of Standards, NBS).

Analogous to our refcode, each entry in the Crystal Data Database is identified by its NBS identification number, a 6-digit number.

For organic and metal-organic compounds these numbers start at 500001.

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure

Select *NBSIDNUMBER from the NUMERIC sub-menu and respond to the standard numeric prompts.

Basic QUEST Procedure


T1 *NBSI .EQ. 500123

This will register a hit for the entry with NBS identification number 500123

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Volume 2 Chapter 7 Numeric Sub-menu *NRESIDUES.