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CONTROL USE-AS-QUERY is located in the 2D and 2D/3D displays for each hit.

It allows you to use the 2D chemical diagram of the current hit as the starting point for a new search.

This command is available only in Graphics QUEST3D and not in Basic QUEST.


Suppose the search question involves the search for a 4-membered carbon ring.

At a particular hit:


If you choose to retain terminal hydrogens then when the diagram is displayed in the BUILD menu the hydrogen count on each atom is explicitly shown.

If the original search question did not involve a structural search then when you select USE-AS-QUERY no WARNING is displayed and the first prompt is:

If, in the example above, after selecting USE-AS-QUERY, you change your mind and do not wish to use the hit as a query then the dialogue will be:

CONTROL USE-AS-QUERY causes the search to QUIT. Thus any output from the current search will be lost.

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