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WRITE-TEMPLATE is used to add the current "fragment" (which may, of course, be a complete molecule) to one of the existing template categories in the TEMPLATE sub-menu.

A "category" is a set of templates. 20 pre-defined categories are provided in the "master" template issued with every copy of QUEST3D.

Creating Your Own Template File

You may not edit the master template. This restriction is provided as a safety feature to protect the file for other users sharing the same copy of QUEST3D.

Instead,you should take a copy of the master template file for your own use.

Vax users should issue the following command at the DCL dollar prompt:

Silicon Graphics and Sun users should type:

System managers who wish to modify the master file for all users at their site may take a copy of the file, as described above, and then copy that back to the original location upon completion. It is recommended that a copy of the original is retained.

Users of software on other machines should contact the person who installed the software at their site, to obtain instructions on making a personal copy of the template file.

Example: Adding a Custom Template

The current fragment will be added to the category you selected, and will be available in this and future QUEST3D sessions for selection, just like any other template.

The template name is optional. If a name is given, it will be displayed in green below the template when the category is chosen.

Names may contain up to 40 characters. There are no restrictions on the characters used. In practice, on many screens, in categories with more than a handful of entries, there may not be enough space to display as many as 40 characters under each template. This aspect of the software will be improved in the future.

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