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TEMPLATES is used to replace the BUILD menu with the TEMPLATES sub-menu - see below.


The TEMPLATES sub-menu contains 20 template sets providing 168 structural fragments which can be used as a short-cut in generating a chemical structure. These are shown in full in Appendix 9.

Inspection of the TEMPLATES sub-menu shows that the options are divided into 3 groups:

The numbers 31, 45, ..... 86 against the first 16 template sets are the chemical class numbers - the full names of these classes are given in Appendix 2.


Note that you can also return to the TEMPLATES sub-menu by selecting a blank space

either in the drawing area eg. b in (i) on the facing page

or below the template structures eg. c in (i) on the facing page.

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Volume 2 Chapter 1 Build menu FELDMANN NOTATION.