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GROUPS is used to replace the BUILD menu with the GROUPS sub-menu - see (i) below.



The GROUPS sub-menu contains 26 commonly occurring structural groups which can be used as short-cuts in generating a chemical structure.

Equally they can be used to conserve space when the drawing area is becoming over-crowded.


Suppose we have built the fragment (ii) and we wish to add an aldehyde group to the C atom carrying the chlorine atom.

You should note that if the program state is DRAW when the GROUPS sub-menu is selected then, for example, selection of CHO will cause the active atom to become CHO.

If, in the GROUPS sub-menu, you type an invalid two-letter code, the terminal beeps, and you are prompted to try again:


There can be only one bond to a GROUP symbol atom.

The XA symbol (-COO) is the only GROUP symbol which can be modified. You can add a terminal H atom or negative charge using the HYDROGENS and CHARGE commands in the 2D-CONSTRAIN sub-menu.

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