Volume 1 Chapter 2 Search Tests Part 1

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2.7.4 2D Chemical Connectivity Tests

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure

In QUEST3D the composition of 2D chemical connectivity tests is accomplished using:

(a) (b)

Ex. Does the database contain acetyl bromide?

Suppose that the skeleton fragment shown in (a) has been built using the element types and bond types indicated in the menu options. Details of the building of a skeleton are discussed in chapter 6.

Selection of DEFINE-STRUCTURE declares that the 2D connectivity test formulation is complete.

At this point the instruction document would contain:

AT1  C   1  3                    :XY 151 601
AT2  C   3                       :XY 500 601
AT3  O   1                       :XY 849 601
AT4  Br  1                       :XY 500 399
BO  1  2  1
BO  2  3  2
BO  2  4  1

It can be seen that a 2D connectivity test starts with Tn *CONN and ends with END. The total set of instructions constitutes a 2D connectivity test packet.

Basic QUEST Procedure

In QUEST the test would be composed by typing the above instruction document with omission of the XY diagram coordinates; also NFRAG 1 is a default instruction and would not normally be typed for QUEST. Details of the atom property records ATn and bond property records BO are given in chapter 6.

2.7.5 3D Geometric Calculations and Tests

As noted earlier 3D geometric searches are available only in QUEST3D. Elaboration of a 2D search query to include 3D concepts is controlled by the 3D-CONSTRAIN sub-menu shown below.

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure

Ex. Find all entries in which a nitrogen atom lies in the range 6-8Å from the oxygen atom of a phenol ring.

Suppose that the phenol ring and one N atom have been constructed with the BUILD menu and 2D- CONSTRAIN sub-menu.

AT1 C 2                                            :XY   100   685
AT2 C 2                                            :XY   260   777
AT3 C 2                                            :XY   420   685
AT4 C 2                                            :XY   420   500
AT5 C 3                                            :XY   260   408
AT6 C 2                                            :XY   100   500
AT7 O 1 1                                          :XY   260   223
AT8 N 0                                            :XY   900   223
BO 1 2 5
BO 2 3 5
BO 3 4 5
BO 4 5 5
BO 5 6 5
BO 1 6 5
BO 5 7 1
DEFINE N...O 8 7
SELECT N...O 6.0 8.0
C Overlap of crystal fragments permitted
C Search for ALL crystal fragments

Full details of the specification of 3D constraints are given in chapter 7. It is sufficient to note that the instruction document is composed of:


There is no equivalent facility in Basic QUEST. Instructions of the type GEOM to ENANT in the above example are invalid in Basic QUEST.

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