Spreadsheet part 3

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1.21 Delete Refcodes

Removes all selected refcodes from the spreadsheet. There is no undo so use with care.

1.22 Suppress Unselected

Suppresses all entries that are not currently selected.

1.23 Suppress Selected

Suppresses all entries that are currently selected.

1.24 Restore Suppressed Entries

Restores all suppressed entries. This action will not bring back deleted entries.

1.25 Text Size

Selecting Text Size from the spreadsheet menu launches the Set Text Size pop-up menu.

Text size values from 10-150 pixels are permitted.

The absolute text size displayed on the screen will be entirely dependent on the fonts available to the X-blackboard.

1.26 Refresh

Total window refresh.

1.27 Help

Launches the Help sub-menu. See section 7 for further details on Help.

1.28 About

This is an interactive About window. The picture depicts the program structure and highlights the facilities available in Vista 2.0. Each icon is linked to a text file containing a short description of each menu. Clicking on an icon will display the text in the dialogue window below. By default, the spreadsheet information is loaded.

1.29 Miscellaneous buttons

positioned in the top left corner of the spreadsheet, this button simply resets the spreadsheet row/column positions. i.e. row 1 column 1

+ and -
If there are multiple tests loaded these keys allow the user to navigate through the tests available.

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