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2.19 Preferences

A number of preferences are available for the user to set at their discretion. Default options have their check boxes turned on (red).

There are two processing options available:

Always make chem.diag. when missing does exactly this. If PreQuest finds no 2D chemical diagram for an entry it will automatically perform Make2D in order to generate one, saving the user from having to perform this operation for every entry.

Use Functional Group Symbols will apply the standard set of CSD symbols when Make2D is used. When checked this option is applied whether Make2D is automatically invoked, or manually selected by the user.

Choose the text editor preference here:

Check options can also be stipulated using this menu:

Strict applies all of the checks and conventions that are required to be performed at the CCDC on all entries before they are archived to the main CSD file. This includes a large number of checks on the bibliographic and crystallographic information fields which are not necessary for building a private database.

Relaxed applies a less stringent set of rules to each entry. This is the default option for private database building.

Save this set of preferences for processing future entries.

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