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2.9 Undo

PreQuest keeps a record of up to 200 editing steps performed on the current entry. Selecting Undo iteratively undoes each of these steps, starting with the most recent edit. A bleep will sound if no previous edits can be found.

Individual editing steps include edits performed on the contents of the 1D window. Changing the contents of the author field, for instance, counts as an edit that can be undone.

2.10 Redo

Allows you to step forward one edit-step if you have just used Undo and made no other changes to the entry. If no forward step is available a bleep will sound.

2.11 Revert

This function allows you to abandon all work done on the current entry and revert to the original state. Use with caution as revert cannot be undone and all edits made for the entry will be lost.

You will be prompted for affirmation of your intent to discard all edits should Revert be selected. Choose Revert again if you wish to proceed or Cancel should you wish to return to your edited entry.

2.12 Copy 2D

A useful feature for producing 2D chemical diagrams for a series of similar compounds, Copy 2D will copy the current 2D diagram and formula to the PreQuest clipboard. This can be pasted back in when required.

2.13 Paste 2D

Pastes the current clipboard contents into the 2D diagram area. The diagram can then be edited using 2D Edit. This is a useful feature if only minor changes need to be made for a series of compounds, and makes the diagrams for each member of the series self-consistent.

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