Prequest: 2.0 Overview

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2.1 Moving between Entries

PreQuest can be used to process one data entry at a time, or to process several entries collected together into one input file. The input file details appear at the top of the main menu window. Listed here is the current input file, the name of the refcode being viewed, and that refcode's relative "position" in the file (e.g Entry 3 of 44).

A scrolling refcode list is also available. This shows all of the entries in the current input file. The current entry will appear highlighted in this list.

Refcodes can be selected for viewing simply by selecting them with the mouse. Alternatively the "+" and "-" buttons can be used to move stepwise through the input file list.

The refcodes are colour coded by PreQuest according to their present checking status:

By default an entry will be checked when it is selected for viewing. The level of checking will depend on the options currently selected in the Check sub-menu (see section 2.17).

The checking status of the whole input file is given to the right of the refcode list. These boxes give a summary of the input file information in terms of entries that have been checked and their subsequent status.

These are toggle boxes and clicking on the Yellow box will add/remove the entries with yellow checking status from the refcode list. These refcodes are not physically removed from the file, merely removed from the current refcode list view.

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