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2. Main Menu - Overview

The main menu is segregated into distinct functional parts, as illustrated by the schematic diagram below. The functions and operations available in these sections are fully described in this chapter.

The most important of the file handling and editing functions are collected together. These can be generally categorised as follows:

File Handling:
Open | Close | Insert | Export | Print

Undo | Redo | Revert | Copy 2D | Paste 2D | Make 2D | 1D Edit | 2D Edit | 3D Check

Check | Preferences | Set 3D Display | Reset

Help | EXIT

At the bottom of the main menu window is the message area. PreQuest will display three types of colour coded message in this area:

The panel to the right shows how many messages there are of each kind. The messages may be toggled on/off by clicking in the check boxes. The types of checking performed by PreQuest can be controlled using the options available with Check (see Section 2.17 for more details).

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PreQuest: 2.1 Moving Between Entries .