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Below is a history of updates since DEX 2.0 was first distributed in January 2006. 


Latest Major Updates:

DEX 2.5          May 24, 2006- Included the new HD-analysis-script in the DEX 2.5 that handles many options and multiple files.  It can output in graphical and textual formats the centroid and peak width values for up 100 spectra from one or many separate files.  Minor enhancements to View-many-HD-spectra-script to correct bugs and expand command options. 


Previous Updates:

DEX 2.2          April 1, 2006-  Included the new View-many-HD-spectra-script that included many options for viewing the deconvoluted spectra.  It handles up to 8 files at a time, and includes a variety of options for selecting files from the command line or from a file key.  Also included an update key to use with the tutorial examples.  Grab-1-peptide-script was also redone to handle the new command options.  DEX-resample-script was slightly changed to correct bug fixes. 


DEX 2.0          January 10, 2006-        Initial release of DEX 2.0 that included the DEX-resample-script that was able to handle multiply charged data such as those results from electrospray instruments.  A completely new resampling algorithm was implemented that allowed for gaps and other issues in the data, and was calculated on the go with each peptide.  Other analysis programs such as View-HD-spectrum-script and HD-analysis-script were introduced and discussed. 


Written by Matthew Hotchko and last updated last on May 24, 2006


Please contact:  Matthew Hotchko at mhotchko at for questions regarding the DEX deconvolution package or questions about installing and running DEX or any problems with the software when running the example tutorial provided.